Friday, June 28, 2013

Gundaroo Press Run Recreation

On a wet Canberra morning over 100 people gathered in the carpark opposite Lakeside Rydges Hotel before setting out on a run to Gundaroo, via Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla. This replicates the Press Run from 1973 when Leyland introduced the car to the motoring media.
The only Leyland P76 Station Wagon. Driven down from Sydney on Friday night, I don't think it has ever been in the rain before!
Event Marshall Andrew Griffith from the NSW P76 Club, addresses the rally participants with instructions and last minute pointers, minutes before setting off.  David Lee from the ACT Club is in the lead car.

 Honeysuckle Creek - Stop One! The Leyland P76 Wagon had some points issues and the party broke into two groups after this.
Leylands in Cork St Gundaroo NSW. Over 50 cars and many hungry Leyland fanciers in the Community Hall chowing down on a lovely BBQ put on by the Gundaroo RFS. Many thanks to the warm and friendly people in Gundaroo.

 Two Force &'s and Tony de Lucas V8 Super - the only car attending the event that was at the original 1973 press launch.  Fortunately the rain had moved on and people could wander around peering under bonnets etc.

Thanks to Adrian Spencer and Mick Le Coq for the photos.

Itinerary for the 40th Anniversary of the Leyland P76

Leyland fanciers procuring mid-trip nourishment

Leyland owners are on their way to the nations capital to enjoy a great weekend celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Leyland P76 sedan.

The Event Itinerary is now online for all to download and peruse. It contains times and maps for people to use. Registered participants will be handed a copy prior to the Gundaroo Press Run Recreation on Saturday morning (if they haven't already collected a copy from the unofficial dinner at the Ainslie Football Club).

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

666 ABC Local radio at 6.45AM

Here is my lovely Bitter Apricot 4 speed V8 Super Leyland P76 in the carpark of local ABC Radio where I had the opportunity to talk to radio presenter Ross Solly at 6.45AM...

Happy 40th Birthday Leyland P76

Minister for the ACT Kep Enderby unveiling the P76  at the National Press Release.

Happy 40th Birthday Leyland P76 - delivered to the Australian public 40 years ago on 26 June 1973.

The birthday has received wide media coverage, including one of our club members and his car in the Canberra Times

Monday, June 24, 2013

Casino blue executive tie

There are some people who love their Leylands, in fact they love them perhaps a little too much. Today we offer you one example - a necktie made from Casino Blue Executive interior material. This was made specially for one of our amigos known to all as the 'Motor Gnome'. I'm advised this is the only tie he owns and has been commissioned especially for the formal dinner at the 40th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday night. No, I don't know why the tie is on his garage floor, I suspect its where he does his ironing.

See you all on Saturday!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Leyland P76 stamp and first day cover issue July 2013

For philatelists and Leyland fanciers, Australia Post has a double treat in store for you in July 2013. They are releasing the second series of their 'Road Trip' stamps, and the 2013 issue features a Peel Me Grape P76 on a stamp and a first day cover.

Monday, June 17, 2013

40th Anniversary Book almost ready for the printer

The Lee family and cousins

The organising team for the 40th Anniversary of the Leyland P76 Event have been working away finalising the book that is being published for registered attendees. I'm confident that people will be very pleased when they read it. The book wont be sold, you can only get a copy by registering for the event.

Sadly, limited space and too much material means some things cant be included. This photo from ACT P76 club member David Lee is, one of those things. However, it's a great story so I shall tell it here:

This very photo was used in a court case (Insurance claim) in Adelaide to prove the Lee family knew more about P76s than the Insurance company. In the photo are 5 cousins/brothers and 2 parents. (Missing is one NV Green P76 & one Uncle with a further burnt orange P76). The insurance company disputed the write off value of a P76, one cousin used this photo in court to prove the Lee family "knew a bit" about P76s. The Judge agreed, the Insurance company lost.